Vacation Packing Staples - 5 Items That I Must Have with Me When I Travel

September 14, 2018

Over the last 4 years, between work obligations and sometimes needing a bit of a getaway, I found myself on the road at least once or twice per month.  With all the travel, I found that there are certain items that simply make my life a lot easier when I'm on the go.


Here are 5 items that I need when it comes to traveling:


PACKING CUBES -- Who came up with this idea?



It’s genius! I mean no more stuffing and trying to figure out how to cram your items into a suitcase. Packing bags make organizing your garments, toiletries so much easier.  One caveat to be mindful of. You can fit so much into these things that you might run the risk of going over the 50lb limit in your suitcase. So be careful. I got mine from Amazon here.




So I used to simply use plastic bags to put my shoes in but i found that the shoe covers keep my shoes better protected and more compact. You can order a pair here.




So I confess, I have used one of the mini packing cubes for my makeup for short trips.  However, for longer ones, you can’t beat this case, with all of it’s compartments it makes it really easy to identify all of my items from highlighter, mascara to lipstick.  Grab it here.



 Being on the airplane can cause my skin to be very dry after the flight.  I stumbled upon this beauty during a work trip and I have to tell you that it was a life saver. Grab it here.



 I mean who doesn’t like to lose themselves in a good book?  Here’s my latest read. It is such a great book, truly inspirational. Get your copy here.

Those are my 5 staples.. What are some travel items that you simply can’t live without? Let me know at

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