Tiffany Haddish - 5 Truths I Want to See Come Through Her HBO Series

August 22, 2018

Go on miss Tiffany, she's doing her thing.  If you haven't heard she signed a deal earlier this year with HBO and is producing a series called Unsubscribed which is a comedy based on black Instagram influencers. For those of you that are a little out of touch, influencers are leveraged for marketing purposes.  They can be a critical resource for brands/companies to expand their reach.  In some instances they can yield better results than traditional marketing tactics. Companies don't necessarily have to spend money on magazine ads to market themselves, they can pay and get an influencer to do it.


The stakes are high and can be very competitive. It’s no easy feat to be successful at this.  It takes work and there's a strategy behind it. It isn't a walk in the park and it ain't for the faint of heart.  While being an influencer is relatively a new term and sometimes even cumbersome to explain it's real and some even make some good coin off of it, but NOT all.


With the ever changing trends and algorithms it’s tough to stay visible in your follower's feed. You’ve got to ensure you’re putting out meaningful content. And for those people that don’t really understand social media and the unconventional power that it has to earn someone a living--they may do a lot of eye rolling and remain skeptical.


So no doubt this is a topic that's ripe for comedy.


I'm hoping that Tiffany will give us the raw behind the scenes insights of the gram hustle. Get into the mind of anyone doing marketing on the gram, especially if they are just starting out and whether they want to admit it or not you're sure to find thoughts like these that cross their mind:


Followers- Are you following this situation? Damn I know it’s a numbers game but why is it taking me so long to get followers? They say engagement is key….ok so you mean I gotta respond to these people. Well, can’t I just buy them? No. You say develop an organic following huh?…  ok. (Which IS the way to go btw) but what about these fake followers? So you gonna follow me and then unfollow me? Is that what we doing now? 

Oh and these damn bots…. I’m all for technological progression and all but if another one of these hair bots follow me I swear on black baby Jesus...lord help me, I’m under attack with these mofo's. 


While I’m at it, screw your auto response comments as well!!! If I get another 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 or “love the content” or "love your page" bullshit comment….hmmmm but wait--should I respond to these comments (even though they're bots) to beef up my engagement numbers though? 🤔

(The first time I saw those responses under my pic I definitely got got 🤣🤣. Bastards.)


The Strategy - How many posts should I throw up? 3, 4, 5 x per day? Really? Oh yeah, those damn algorithms right...ok sooooo Let's see... I'll post one of me posing in the street, another one of me randomnly laughing, a pic of me in trendy gear, a pic of me at the gym….hmmm scratch that, I'll make the gym stuff an instagram story. It will be  one snippet of me walking to the gym, then another one with me on the treadmill, then a sweat shot! Then a pic of my protein shake. Maybe I should put it all on my content calendar, so I can keep track.  Ok I got this....Oh but then what do I put on IGTV? 




Pictures- Take that perfect pic. O...K… I’ve got my photographer booked and I’m meeting her in soho at 8am...what’s my look? How many looks? I mean I know I’ve got a serious case of resting bitch face…Lord let me relax…. There was a time when I tried to take a pic on a tree in Miami--I slipped just a little but enough to rub a piece of skin off my ass. Did I mention that I was in a bathing suit? Shit hurt like a mother--but I got my shot though!


The cliques - Can we talk about these cliques though??? If you’re not at a certain status, you can get shot down. You can like a person's brand, cop tickets to one of their “conferences” only to find out that they are unapproachable and not authentic as their personas appear to be online.  Are they apart of the mean girl club??  I didn’t sign up for this shit! Was it all a facade? 🤔


Competition- I mean can't we all just get along??? Why can’t I get a piece of the pie? Why are these chicks angling for my spot--bih you just hashtagged #communityovercompetition then she going to throw shade on my progress.  There’s enough for all of us... We should be doing this when one of us wins:


Not this...



Just like any profession, there's some ups and downs and getting your hustle on & being authentic will be critically important to your success. Shout out to all of the influencers out there especially those that are the gurus and have been hustling hard and reaping the benefits.


I’m not sure which angle Tiffany's series will take but I’ll be watching.


All in all--it takes work to market yourself and build your tribe on social media. Despite what people may think it’s no easy feat, especially if you really care about the content you put out and the impact you’re trying to have. 


There are a few influencers / entrepreneurs that I follow and am inspired by. I’d love to see Tiffany’s crew either feature or at least interview for research purposes:










Who are your favorite influencers? Will you be watching Tiffany's new show? What do you think about this "Influencer" age?


Let me know by leaving a comment below or emailing


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