The Top 5 Reasons Why This Royal Wedding Will Be More Memorable Than Others

There are weddings and then, there are weddings! Some simple and others grand! I’ve witnessed (from afar) two royal weddings yet, some how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's is more memorable and for a few reasons!



There was that glimmer in Meghan's eye, the smile across her face that shows excitement.  It's that look that instantly tells you she’s got butterflies in her stomach.


Hilarious Moments


You gotta love this kid in the back--I’m all for funny faces in a pic and he certainly doesn’t disappoint.


Rev. Michael Curry delivers his sermon. All 13+ minutes of “chuch”-- look, I KNOW some of the members of that there congregation were NOT ready for Reverend's sermon but that’s only because they haven’t been exposed to pastors preaching at a black church. Yes! Rev. Curry  took us to “Chuch” and the facial expressions of those were comical!




Let’s address the elephant in the room- DIVERSITY


This wedding had more than I’ve ever witnessed and I was here for all of it. From the cellist to the choir they were spreading their magic all over us.



A mother’s love or the face of uncertainty or both


Look, before ya’ll start to come for me, let me say this. I’m only saying what I saw-- I don’t know what the woman feels but what I saw written all over her face was the love she has for her daughter--there’s no debating that. AND there were also moments when I looked and saw a glimpse of uncertainty perhaps at what the future holds for her daughter as she exchanges her old life for a life of royalty.




I may not, at a quick glance, readily know all these biddies  



but I’m a lover of all things fashion and these chics slayed! I'm here for all their outfits.


~ Shak


Did you watch the wedding? If so what were your thoughts? Let me know at

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