Weekend Shenanigans | 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 11: Happy Friday - scale hasn't shifted!


But the way my clothes are fitting has. However the way my brain works forces me to go even harder so I can continue to see results. I made solid food choices throughout the day, never feeling tempted to break my good eating streak.


Saturday - Day 12: Day time,  gym time but the evening was Date night.  I went to a comedy show and had 2 glasses of wine. I also had a shrimp quesadilla from Dos Caminos…. Ayyyyy that's not clean eating. 

 Mother's Day  - Day 13: It was glorious sitting on the bed channel surfing. My eating however was further compromised but not terribly. But hey tomorrow's Monday right!


~ Shak

Share your progress with me at shak@shakempowers.com

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