Day 9 | 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Today was good. 


I was a bit tired after yesterday's speed run session and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) began to settle in. I probably should have foam rolled and I didn't. (Mental note: I'll do it tonight.)


I ended up walking my 18 blocks to the office and then did it again in the evening on the way home because I knew I'd be working late and would have limited time in the gym.  Honestly, when I got on the train to head home I was TIYAAAD!!!


I rarely fall asleep on the train ride home but yeah I got a 5-minute power nap in. So darn tired that I didn't even have dinner.



I know I know….not ideal but sleep overruled food. I know this might not set me up for success tomorrow but I'm gonna make a conscious effort to make good food decisions.  Onto Day 10...


~ Shak

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