Day 8 - Recap Routines | 30 Day Fitness Challenge

I'm settling into a routine!!!



So it's day 8, and I'm feeling great! (In my Tony the tiger voice) SN: I wonder if y'all even know who Tony the Tiger is??? Anywho - I woke up determined to keep up the momentum & seize the day! I had an early meeting at the office so I made sure to catch the early train so that I could hit up my breakfast spot, and if you're following along you would have guessed it, Juice Generations! Hey what can I say, I'm a creature of habit. It's filling and it satisfying. One day I'll take a pic before I devour it!


So a few days ago, after our typical trash talking sessions, I made a pact with a couple of my gym boos to resume attending Tuesday speed runs.  So before I go there, let me tell you about these chicas--they are pretty intense with their workouts and I USED to be the same way. But since I've been ‘beaued’ up with hubby and put on extra lbs, them bitches dropped me like a shitty pallbearer.


Look we have a unique relationship,  we talk trash & that's how we motivate each other.  It may not work for some, especially if they are sensitive about their insecurities but it works for us. We go IN on the positives and areas of opportunity. It's the nature of our relationship.


So through all the talking I agreed to hit up a speed session. Throughout the first portion of the workout I was feeling pretty good.  While I completely acknowledge that I'm not as fast as I used to be, I realized through yesterday's run I'm not as slow as I thought. So I'm adding Tuesday speed back into my regimen, in hopes of trimming down a little quicker and rekindling the flame for my love of running.


I'll tell you one thing though,  my body was done after the session. It's those little aches that remind me that I'm alive and I didn't die. Onto Day 9.


~ Shak

Let me know what triggers you use as motivators in the 30 Day Challenge accountability group--a sisterhood of support that'll inspire you to keep going! Join by clicking here.


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