Day 3 - How Are You Measuring Your Success?

I'm a bit maniacal when it comes to  data. Some may think it's a bit much, but it works for me because I use the results as motivation.



Here are a couple of key metrics I use to measure my progress:


  • I'm big on taking pictures, as noted during my Instagram live. We look at ourselves all the time day in and day out and because of this sometimes we fail to see the shift in our appearance. However,  when you take pictures you can visibly see the difference. So yup I like pictures. They work for me.

  • The scale - I believe in weighing myself with a cadence that might be a tad bit more than others.  I realize doing so is a bit more psychological than anything else, but I like to see the results--if it's a net loss I'm happy and it's motivating. But guess what? If it's stagnant or moving in the wrong direction it still motivates me and I press on. Now keep in mind that there's so many factors at play here, our body weight shifts throughout the day and time of month. I also know that the scale isn't a pure measurement of success. For example, if I lift weights depending on my caloric consumption, cardio, etc the scale may or may not shift but my body composition will.  So yeah I know the factors hold significant weight, but as I mentioned before, it's psychological and it works for me.

  • Actual measurements  - yup. I take that measuring tape and I measure everything except my toe nails...ok, ok, joking, but I do measure the following: biceps, waist, thighs, calves, breast.

  • Window shop - sooo this may be a bit nuts, but I will go into a store with absolutely no intention of buying a damn thing and I'll try on cute shit. I pick out clothing sizes that I believe should work and if the outfit is poppin' it's a motivator but if it's not… yup you guessed it, it's equally motivating.

So how often do I assess? Pictures & measurements are taken weekly (especially if I happen to wear a cute outfit to the gym)…  the scale is every 3 days and window shopping… I get it in when I can.


Some of us are more motivated than others.  I have periods when I don't need any motivation other than the thoughts in my head but then there are times when I need a little nudge.  As you can see, I air on the side of optimism.


Overall, today was kinda tough only because I was tired and I had an early morning meeting which required me to take a 6am train to the office.  (Shoutout to the folks in the UK.) By 4pm I had enough. Although I wanted to crawl into bed. I knew I had to put in my time. So to the gym I went.


~ Shak

Let me know what triggers you use as motivators in the 30 Day Challenge accountability group--a sisterhood of support that'll inspire you to keep going! Join by clicking here.

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