How Did I Get Here? Backsliding At Its Finest! (Day 2 of 30 Day Fitness Challenge)

In August of 2017, I've allowed temptation to get the best of me. Coming off the heels of celebrating our Anniversary, my husband and I seemed to be in a perpetual celebration and neither one of us were complaining. All the dinners, happy hours, brunches were great.  I attended everything and I gobbled up everything. But when my clothes got tighter I had no choice but to see the light. I'm delivered!!!!! Let the church say Amen! -



So here we are.  Day 2, how are things going? Well at the time of my writing this it's 5:03, I've been in meetings all day and I have a client dinner at 6. I've only downed about 30oz of water so I'm behind schedule to achieve my daily goal.


However, I will make proper choices while at the restaurant and I'll make my water goal… the challenge will be getting in that hour of movement especially when I'll likely be getting home at 10ish…


Let's see. 




So the client dinner lasted longer than planned. Funny story,  the last couple of weeks at work have been nonstop meeting after meeting, often, with no break in between. When I got up yesterday,  I thought I had it all planned out,  when I checked my calendar I saw my last meeting ending at 4:30pm so I figured I'd catch an early train home so that I could go for a run. 

I had it all planned out or so I thought. At 4pm as I was prepping to go into the meeting my colleague leans over and asks "are you coming to dinner tonight?" I laughed and said "nope,  I'm outta here after this meeting and anyway I wasn't invited. I'm going home." She gave me an odd look but laughed.  Little did I know, the joke would be on me…. After our exchange something told me to check the calendar, it would be odd for me not to be invited to this dinner considering that I'm part of the Sr. Leadership Team.  Sure enough,  I check and immediately bust out laughing… my colleague who had been watching me the entire time starts snickering too.   

Shit… this dinner is fuckin' with my challenge man!!!! Oh well,  It's the part I gotta play,  and I gotta do what I gotta do… so I went.  I made proper choices, had the sea bass with peas. No dessert!. 


Knowing that I had to put in my hour, I decided to walk the 18 blocks to Grand Central. It's about a 15 minute walk if I walk quickly but I stretched it a bit to 20. Took my time  (Hey don't judge me,  I've got short legs). So when I got home I put in my 40 minute circuit routine. Oh and I consumed  66oz of water--still short of my goal but tomorrow is another day.


~ Shak

Tell me about your progress in the 30 Day Challenge accountability group--a sisterhood of support that'll inspire you to keep going! Join by clicking here. 

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