Falling Off The Fitness Wagon

Alright alright, I have a confession.  I've fallen off the fitness wagon. My healthy lifestyle took a turn for the worst... I used to be that person that posted her daily runs / gym sessions on Facebook (yup that was me.) It was more for me than anyone else, but when people started paying attention and told me I inspired them, well I started to feel accountable! I felt like I couldn't let them or myself down.


So how did I fall off?


Well before I tell you how I got here,  allow me to reminisce a little more about  where I was. (Don't judge me, I got to get it out of my system.)


See I'm a marathoner! Yup that's right, I'm part of that crazy group of people that enjoys running 26.2 miles (yeah you read that right) and there was a time when I lived for it, longed for it and enjoyed EVERY part of it. I've run 5 full marathons and countless half marathons. Been running them since 2011.


I went from running marathons to huffing and puffing after walking up a flight of stairs.  

There's one particular set of steep stairs at Grand Central Station that gets me. Every time I walk up them bitches, when I hit the top, I want to take a break,  but the crowd behind me will knock me over if i did. This is New York and I know we don't play that shit. So I press on, but in my mind I'm thinking this is bullshit! It's bullshit because I'm a freaking marathoner. And my black ass is out I shape. I've missed many trains lately fucking around with them steps, BUT I REFUSED TO TAKE THE ELEVATOR DAMMIT!!!

When the thought of the elevator crept into my brain, I said THAT'S IT! The last straw!


Since I'm airing it all out, I might as well confess and tell you that for the month of April I started over every Monday... like I'd stuff a few bites of a slice of pizza in my mouth and the hubster would say “babe what happened to your diet?” and I'd quickly reply between bites “I'm starting on Monday.”  Monday would come and sure I'd hit the gym and feel like I needed a reward so I'd be chilling while eating a handful of Ruffles Cheddar Cheese chips in the kitchen and my daughter would walk in and catch me smashing the chips in my mouth and ask me “mom, what happened to your diet?”; and I'd swallow and reply “ yeah next Monday, I'm back on it”... I started every Monday… but today I draw the line…

Soooooo guess what I'm getting back on track and I'm using the next 30 days as a springboard to help me get back to where I want to be.


Let me say this, this is not about what society dictates as being beautiful. I don't need reassurance of that, I'm good.  I know plenty of women that are bigger than me that are beautiful & sexy as hell. However, I like to look and feel a certain way. PERIOD!!!


It's not ok for me to be struggling while walking briskly up a hill... not when I used to run up them shits with no issue… I'm out of shape and that's not ok, especially when I know that heart disease plagues my family. I lost my dad, my grandfather and my aunt to that shit. I know this yet somehow I lost sight of that unfortunate truth.


However, as the saying goes, when you know better you do better.  So here's to me being a better version of myself!


~ Shak

Join me! What's the worst that can happen? For guidance, contact me directly at shak@shakempowers.com and follow me on Instagram & Facebook!


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