Are You A Faux Hustler? - 5 Undeniable Traits Revealed

In this day and age, people are always saying how they’re getting their hustle on with this or getting their hustle on with that. We hear it all the time and quite frankly some of it is bullshit. 



You may even be one of those types that’s always busy. You say you’re on the grind--either grinding at the office, grinding on the job, grinding in your side gig or even grinding as an entrepreneur. You call yourself a hustler...


 ...but are you? Are you really a hustler or simply a worker bee?


I can see you frowning from all the way over here.  Shit your crown just shifted a bit and is tilting on the side of your head… Look, don’t get offended and don’t be in denial either. Instead have a slice of humble pie with a cup of self-reflection tea. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, just own your truth. Are you really a hustler or simply a worker bee?


It’s a simple question and there is a distinct difference!  Sip on this...



If you:

  1. Rarely go the extra mile and your mentality is, “if i’m not getting paid for it, I’m not doing it”. Or “that’s not in my job description” You’re a Faux Hustler!!!! Real Hustlers - go the extra mile even when they’re not paid to- they know that they will ultimately reap the rewards.

  2. Don’t break up the monotony doing the same job day in day out, never polishing up on your skills with no desire or attempt to learn anything new. Hmmm…. that’s faux hustler tendencies!!!!! Real Hustlers- invest in themselves- they never stop learning.  They know that they always need to know what’s going on in their industry and the industries that affect their businesses.  In fact, OG hustlers are trendsetters within their respective industries.

  3. Have no clear vision of what you really want and your inability to see past your current environment renders you to being complacent.  Yikes you’re Faux Hustler!!!!!! Real Hustlers have a vision--they see themselves beyond their current circumstances and they are constantly working toward seeing their vision come to fruition. They often operate as if their future is NOW.

  4. Experience a setback or failure and you go down the vortex of defeat- rarely having the drive to climb out, well that’s a Faux Hustler’s action for sure.  See Real Hustlers use failure as a springboard, not a roadblock.  They understand that they’re blessings in every lesson. They fall but they get up, dust their shoulders off and push on.

  5. Tend to have a real case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and always needing to be on the scene no matter the cost.  This is a major characteristic of a Faux Hustler. Real Hustlers know how to reclaim their time.

They say no to things that don’t put them closer to where they want to be in terms of achieving their goals.


Here’s the thing, if after reading this you’ve just determined that you’re a faux hustler, hell don’t beat yourself up. It doesn’t diminish your importance- there’s room in this world for the hustlers and the worker bees.  Everyone can’t be a boss, some people simply aren’t cut out for it and some people have to make a concerted effort to really work at it.  Hell there’s some people that don’t even want that kind of responsibility and the pressure that comes with it, and that’s all perfectly fine. So if you determine that you are the worker bee- own it, and be the best at it!


However if you have aspirations of being a BOSS then work towards being productive not busy. And look, if after reading this you’ve checked all the boxes of being a true hustler... Well what the hell are you doing still reading this?


Adjust your crowns Kings and Queens...



 ...and go and get your hustle on!


~ Shak

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