Launching YOUR Rocket! 6 Tips We Can We Learn From Elon Musk!

February 11, 2018

You may be saying to yourself “Launching Rockets!... I’m not into that space shit. What the hell is this crazy chick talking about? What can I possibly learn here? Star Wars is totally not my thing." Keep calm and read on young Jedi, read on...


Some of you may be thinking who in the hell is Elon Musk? For those of you that don’t know, he’s an entrepreneur, engineer, innovator and investor! Yup all that shit.  He’s done some pretty amazing things and he’s not even 50 years old.  Here’s a snapshot:

  • Ceo of Tesla which manufactures electric cars (no gas needed) and Ceo of Spacex - which makes rockets and other aerospace shit. He’s also the Chairman of Solarcity - which makes solar panels that enable us to get energy from the sun.  Imagine no longer having to pay for electricity? This is a company that will help us get there.  Plus he’s a co-founder for a couple of innovative organizations

    • Open AI - which aims to promote friendly artificial intelligence

    • Neuralink - a neurotechnology company focused on developing a brain - computer interface

Not too sure about you but those last two companies are reminiscent of some Skynet type shit.


  • In his early years he founded a company called which was this online payment company that ultimately became...wait for it...Paypal.  If you knew nothing above I know that most of you know what Paypal is.

Now that you're familiar with Elon, let's talk specifically about SpaceX.  The rocket, Falcon Heavy, held Elon’s own cherry red Tesla & a crash test dummy.  Similar to other launches, the public and Elon's team are aware of the potential outcomes- this will either be a spectacular historical moment or a spectacular failure  (which it wasn’t btw). But even if it was, Elon likely wouldn't view it as a failed attempt.  He would regroup, get focused and make a go at it again.  Point is he just did something he’s never done before, was completely out of his comfort zone yet had the confidence and grit to do it.


Elon has a vision to change the world and humanity! He wants to colonize Mars for fuck sake! Total Recall Anyone?  Look, I get it, you may not want to do all of that shit, maybe you just want that damn promotion, write a script, start a business selling flowers, buy an investment property, launch an App or move outta yo momma’s house, hell just get your piece of the proverbial pie! So why Elon  gotta be all ambitious and shit? Well why not! He’s had the confidence to do it and even though your goals may not be as grand as his, you still need to have the confidence and grit to achieve them. There’s a common denominator here: Confidence. Grit. Execution.


I’m sure Elon had many naysayers along the way.  You can practically hear it "Who does this guy think he is building electric cars, we’ve always used gas!” “who does this guy think he is colonizing mars?”  But guess what, he didn’t let the naysayers deter him. He had an idea and he worked to execute it, never listening to the dream snatchers yet only focusing on the goal.  I’m quite sure he failed several times before getting things off the ground. That’s par for the course try, fail, learn- wash, rinse, repeat - push forward.


Now It's Time To Launch Your Rocket!


So when will you get that idea off the ground? When will you get the guts to push forward and get your dream job, ask for that promotion, write that script, launch your blog/podcast or start your new business or whatever it is you’re trying to do?


What have you got to lose? What? Scared of what people will say? Fuck em!

 Sheeeit let’s light this match and get your rocket launched!!! (I’m sure NASA isn’t launching rockets by lighting matches, can you imagine??? But you get what i’m saying)


Look launching your rocket into uncharted territory will fill you with so many emotions! Excitement, fear, frustration, anxiety. Hey now, check your emotions.You’re about to do something you never really did before and that’s cool because you’re about to have an experience and it will be an experience filled with lessons. I promise you!


Are you ready? Get set!

Let’s get all systems in place.  


Counting down T Minus 6 - got your emotions in check? Because you’ll need a clear head here:


6) Have an idea in mind? You might have many! That’s great! Yasssss get excited, get pumped! But only pick one! That's right only launch one rocket at a time, this way you give most of your energy to it and get it off the ground. You can launch others after.


5) Get prepped! You’ve got a goal, you’re reaching for the stars which is wonderful- now do some research. Check your confidence levels as you’re doing research  as you may come across people that have done what you’re attempting to do before.  This is where intimidation can creep up on ya, so pull yourself together!


4) Assemble your cheer squad- and don’t give me that nah i don’t need no one I got this bullshit.  We all need someone in our corner.  Don’t get me wrong you will and should be your biggest cheerleader but when times get tough (and they will) that cheer squad is gonna help ya out.  Key is to get the right people.  Hell they may not even know what it is you’re really doing but they think it’s great and are truly there to support.  You need people like that in ya life- sort of like running a marathon or any race for that matter when you’re nearing the end and all of a sudden boom there’s a hill at the end.  Having someone cheer you on right near the top of the hill helps to get you across that finish line.


3) Now find some folks that have done this before - it’s okay to bounce your ideas off others but be selective of your sample population - seek people who either have done it before or people you admire. The purpose is to gain some perspective & watch out for landmines that you might not have thought of.  Be mindful of the gems they drop and always remember their experience won’t necessarily be YOUR experience.


2) OK, You’ve got the goal, done some research- now it’s time to develop your action plan.  In other words what are the steps you’ll take to execute?  You will likely tweak it along the way and that’s ok.  The point is to come up with a way forward. Don’t get analysis paralysis here or you won’t get anything launched- NO you won’t have the perfect plan- that’s ok too.


1) Got your plan in place let’s go Blast Off!


You’ll never know what can happen until you try! Let’s get it!


~ Shak

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