Valencia Morton of Millionairess Mama

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

“Change is not going to happen in your comfort zone, sorry, so I got uncomfortable and I got to work” ~ Millionairess Mama

If you’re in debt and you’re looking for ideas on how to tackle it and get it under control listen to this interview with Valencia Morton of Millionairess Mama.

Millionairess Mama is a personal finance company and blog ran by Valencia Morton.

She is a single mom to one vivacious mini & she started her business in February 2018, when she saw a huge need for accountability during her debt free journey. Valencia had recently gone from being a married, stay at home mom to being a divorcee, single mom with mountains of debt! Now debt free herself, Valencia helps others achieve their debt freedom and manage their wealth.

In this episode, Valencia shows us how she was able to climb out of 43K in debt through side hustles alone.

In this episode we cover:

  1. Side hustles that pay

  2. Getting yourself to being financially free

  3. Learning how to be uncomfortable to allow change to take place 

  4. Getting your money mindset together

  5. The Power of networking

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